About Us

Hello and welcome to MONEYMMONEY. 

We are a business that takes pride in quality. We launched with our Snap back caps during the summer of 2014. We will be looking to grow the business naturally as we become more popular and we have many ideas on how to boost the business name for world domination.

The name MONEYMMONEY or MMM for short initially stood for Money Makes Money but the middle M can stand for a few different things such as,  MORE, & MONEY.

The brand is aimed at individuals that are Motivated & Ambitious, for people that strive to achieve. We want you and others to view our brand as a strong symbol for quality positivity and to know if you or someone else has a MONEYMMONEY product it means something, it means QUALITY, it means you or that person has drive and passion and most of all your Motivated and Ambitious.

MONEYMMONEY is a UK based business situated in the south of Hampshire distributing worldwide.

MONEYMMONEY launched on the 24/05/2014 this is the day we started to trade via our online shop.

The staff consists of myself Fouad Hamodu CEO and founder and a few key family members that help to manage the day to day running of the business.

Please help us to grow the business by purchasing our quality product/s currently on offer and checking back to see the new products coming soon.

Please promote MONEYMMONEY to your friends and family and connect with us via our social media links. We value your business and feedback as this allows us to learn and grow to meet the needs of our customers.

MONEYMMONEY is branching out and we are now venturing into multiple business ventures.

For any inquiries regarding our service and business please contact us by email: contact@moneymmoney.com